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Depravity falls ruined my life …

"Oh man please make that into a full creepy story. If not for us you should do it for Halloween!"

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I don’t think I could write it out that quickly (I think you’re talking about You’re Mine), but I will try my best to make it a full story.

"More hugs and kisses coming your way! Here have a hot cup of tea <3 *hands you the tea*"

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Really? Thanks! I surely need all I can get. You’re just so kind. I love tea. 

"I see a lot of people saying Wendy and Bill would be enemies over Dipper, why?! Initially there would be tension but I can see her gladly helping Dipper plan surprises or revenge for Bill's shenanigans and then dorking around with Bill giving him inspirations about human things to do, clean and dirty. Honestly she and Mabel working together are probably the only way billdip would come around to be a functional and hilarious relationship. Am I crazy for seeing that??"

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You’re not crazy. I usually have Wendy as a great friend and not fighting over Dipper unless I feel like it. But I love Wendy. She would be there for Dipper with whatever he needed and be able to take any of the weird crap with grace. “You got a crush on a demon? Cool, dude. Need a wingman?” That’s how I’d see her. And she would so help Mabel with the BillDip. She’s an awesome character, but if she really wanted Dipper and felt she had a chance, like if Dipper was torn between her and Bill, she would go for it. If Dipper didn’t have a crush on her anymore, then she’d back off and help him get his crush. I also think she’d be buddy with Bill, teasing him every once in a while, but being an awesome friend as she is to everyone. I am passionate about her. Also, she could kick Bill’s ass if he hurt Dipper. 



Well, I can&#8217;t help it if it was cute. Which it was. You are a good writer and I&#8217;m really glad to see another writer in this ship. I can&#8217;t wait to see more of your work!

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Well, I can’t help it if it was cute. Which it was. You are a good writer and I’m really glad to see another writer in this ship. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

"Showed the fic and fanart to the guys who lived it and they almost died. Then reminded me of what happened a few days later and it would make a fun fic too! Where bottom boy apologizes scared we won't be friends but I end up with a line like "There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you" just as jealous boyfriend walks in, tries to fight but I avoid by mentioning how sensitive suby's wrists are, he ran so fast XP and when he was caught that scream was hilarious yet deafening"

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HAHA! Wow! That is amazing! Oh damn, I’m going to be laughing about this for a while.

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Okay, I want a drunk human Bill with Dipper trying to deal with it. Naughty or funny or whatever, I really want to see what you get.
Oh gosh can you imagine how much Bill would have to drink to get wasted?!
Dipper groaned and…


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You should.

"On youtube there is a pretty neat little amv of bill cipher. I suggest checking it out. It's titled ▴ DISCORD ▴"

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I’ve seen it and I love it. I’ve always liked the song, but the amv part of it was really enjoyable. 

"I heard Tainted Love on the radio driving earlier and well the new obsession leaped forth from the crippling darkness on my mind. I had to laugh and cringe and Billdip consumed my thoughts. So your thoughts dear?"

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So many thoughts, none of them kind for the lovers. 

The song is perfect for a dark fic of Billdip or even just a fic that Dipper doesn’t believe Bill loves him, even though the demon cares for him greatly. It could go a twisted romantic way or an abusive relationship way where thought he was in love with Bill and Bill used that to his advantage to get what he wanted from the boy.  

Aw, now I’m sad. 

"Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a prompt where Damsel In Distress!Dipper is kidnapped, maybe by a witch or something and Bill has to save the day and his favorite human! Absolutely love your fics <3"

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Damsel in this Dress (Kid!Bill Older!Dipper) (Thank you)

                Dipper wondered what his life was coming to. He was currently tied to a tree outside after being shoved into one of Mabel’s old poufy, too tight princess dresses. He even got a tiara. And a cone hat, thing. Out in the field were Mabel and Bill. Bill was dashing, brave knight that has come to save the annoyed Princess Dipper from the evil workings of the Mabel. Dipper wasn’t sure as to what Mabel was dressed as. She had a witch’s hat, dragon tail, cat whiskers, and some other things on that really made no sense at all.


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"I read your prompt about the billdip alpha/omega verse and now I'm curious to know what it is exactly. Is there a specific tag(s) I need to look up?"

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Ah, I think your best bet is to google search Alpha/omega verse. Wiki has a pretty good grasp on it.

"the dorito family one was really cute omg"

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Thank you. I never expected to write about a dorito family…

"Could you maybe write a little story about Dipper finding out Bill had been hiding infinite bags of Doritos under his bed for months, expressing them as family? Maybe? Pretty please?"

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Meeting the Cipher Family (HAHAHAHHHAHAHA, wow)

                “I think it’s time the two of you meet my family,” Bill announced while floating around the twins’ room.

                Dipper looked up at Bill confused while Mabel cheered. “Really?” she gasped.

                Bill smiled, or at least that would be what he would do if he had a mouth. “Sure thing, Shooting Star.”

                Mabel squealed. “Are they triangles like you?”


                Dipper looked between the two, worried how this will end up.

                “So, you two in or out?” Bill asked them, eyeing them both.

                “YES!” Mabel cheered.

                Dipper sighed. “Sure.”

                Bill clapped, obviously happy. “Alright, you two stand right here.” He was quick to move the twins in front of Dipper’s bed.

                “Are you going to teleport us?” Dipper asked warily.

                Bill laughed. “Nope! They’re already here!”

                “Where?” Mabel asked, looked frantically around.

                “Here!” Magic surrounded Dipper’s bed and it was lifted off the floor. There, on the ground was a gigantic pile of Doritos. They pile just kept getting bigger, bags of all flavors fell to their feet.

                “They’ve been living here for MONTHS. Heh, I’m surprised you guys never noticed,” Bill commented. “Don’t be shy, say hi!”

                Mabel giggled out a laugh while Dipper stared in amazement. He knew Bill was a little off…but wow. He grudgingly greeted Bill’s ‘family’ just to keep the demon happy.

                Bill started to laugh, rolling in the air as he did so. When Dipper asked him what was funny, he just waved him off, saying it was a family joke. 

"I just wanted to say that your prompt fills are amazing, some of my favorite! I was wondering if you could write one where some random guy keeps trying to hit on Dipper in the gift shop. Dipper doesn't even notice, but cue possessive/jealous Bill! Maybe with Bill marking/giving hickies to Dipper after to prove that he belongs only to him."

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Bruises and Bite-marks


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